Rules around chat:

No explicit language, failure to comply to this rule will result in a ban, or worse the matter the worse the consequence. Exception: Blood is Ok, and mild gore. Decapitation is not happening.

No sharing personal Information. 

No Discomforting, or "offending" other people in chat, this will result in a warning on one's chat wall. 

No Sexual comments or racist, sexist and others, they're rude and will not be tolerated. 

Rules around editing:

Same as above, just:

No "badge farming", this means to put worthless uneeded info, on a page. Some people do just a comma, full stop, or even just a letter.

Rules around blogs:

Same as aboves, just: 

No pointless blog posts, must mean something. Like a paint creation, fan fiction, opinion or something along those lines.

Example/s                                                                                                                           Is this tolerated
Making a post on a single sentence with no point to it at all. No, definetly not.
Asking where someone lives, in chat or messege wall. No, not all all.
Offending someone's race, skin color or Body features. You'd have to be heartless to do that
Making a edit on a page, only making a letter each time. Trying to get a needed badge, just be not working for it. Not acceptable.
Swearing infront of a 10 (or younger) year old kid.  Definetly not. That is rude.