The Riverside Creek caverns are a mystical bunch of caves, connecting to a shrine, which was used as a holy oracle. This oracle was a potential messenger to the gods, if there even was more than one! The caverns are now, a historican landmark, and a Tourist attraction. The problem is, to get to the cavern. You must go through; A pitch black cave, with growling and mumbling unknown creatures dwealing inside the stench ridden cave, then you must bring rock-climbing gear, to scale the rock face. This challenge is partically hard to children and weak elders, as the cave is long, and the cliff is a long way up AND down. This was and always will be a dangerous "Hike" to get to a magical site of holy white, and divine musical instruments, such as a Harp. 

A traveler's journal entry ripped from a book in the oracle room, states that is was mostly impossible to get up then back down, but one didn't finish this entry. 

"I heard of this 'magical' mountain, i don't believe it is hard to climb, i'm strong enough to survive! I guess this will be a recording basically, but i will probably drop something along the away, so i might as well be sneaky like in and out quickly as possible. I brought my hiking gear, also my rock climbing suit, a camera with zero flash, this rusty journal and of course a pen! Now, i'm not writing while in the cave, because i have heard horror stories. That there's a psycho killer, with a Torture chamber. I don't wanna run into him or her anytime soon. So. I will write again, once out of the cave."

"Ok, out. That was hard but i guess, you must sacrifice something, in this case energy for something simply divine. While i was through the cave, i did see numerouse irratated eyeballs looking at me, not from a bat, nor a snake, but human eyes. I ran past that point, and nearly broke my neck because of a mind shattering statue distracting my eyes, from a dangerous creves. But luckily, I made it, and i can tell this part is gonna be hard. I might as well do it right!"

"After half of the Cliff-face hiking, i realised there's little platforms, that you can sit on, not sure if thy'll hold but I drived my pick hard into the cliff wall, that's connected to my rope, which is connected to my waist. I'm very suprised i didn't lose my quill, and i didn't drop my ink. I seriously hope there's no eagle nests, or snakes popping out of little holes, i'm so scared of snakes.. Anyhow, better start climbing again. I'm breathless but a man, must go on."

"I'm here, and it doesn't feel like a shrine, it feels like heaven, yet i don't exactly know what heaven feels like, but however it feels, it kinda feels like this. The water dripping gently from the rocks, the air coming in from many jagged holes making beautiful music, this is the place to be! Now, i know it is worth it, why i came here. I was kinda.. Drawn to this place, but i feel there's a evil presence in here, i wonder why people never stay too long. I think bec-".

Some believe a "creature" got this man, while writing the final sentence or paragraph, but why do people never stay long? Is there a warning engraved, or like a "feeling" you get. This is a famous question asked by those, who have never went to the mystical shrine, but all we do know, is there's a killer in the cave, waiting for the next unsuspecting victim.