Antlanticas is a Village, in Thornstead. Antlanticas is a beautiful water filled town, with lovely people. Everyone there knows each other, everyone there cared for each other, as if they're all family. Which is one of there beliefs. Atlanticas is basicaly revolved around a huge water silo, and factory making nice, replenished water, that is always safe, to drink. Antlanticas has a huge amount to offer in Special people, a landmark, beliefs and other things!


Antlanticas' people believe in god, they believe they banished Luficer, from the holy table, lucifer angry. He retaliated, but in heart. Lucifer just needs love, they believe that god should take him back. And they'll be a full family again. They also believe, music is the ultimate communication instrument, and use it to their advantage, by using it in weddings, funerals, births and even christenings! Music is a huge part in the Antlanticas' people's lives. It's their true way to live, breath and die. One president's speech:

"Today we are gathered here by the fact, of presidency. First of all, for a person, we don't look at when they died or were born, but the memories shared with people, who were special in their life, and that to me is important! Then, we think.. Did that person reach their goals, did they get want they wanted since they were a little kid, did he live his life to the fullest? Then we think, if one didn't, should we've helped? i believe yes, we do. We are a 'small' town, and since we treat each other like family, shouldn't we let one's dreams be made reality? I will leave this question to you, all you people!".


The Water silo, and tower.

These components, are pieces of junk on it's own, but together make the faster and most cleanest water maker, cleaner, and recycling machine in all of Alltarroria! This makes it famous, because lots of people from all over, want the most best quality of water, they can get. Which is Atlanticas' Water Station, the native townfolk rarely get greedy and annoyed, so people just go and get it. There is a downside, as everything does. The water is quite precious, more valuable than some minerals, like gold, platinum and even iron!

Special Person/people.

Anthonie -President

Armando -Boss, of Water Factory.