Anthonie is the President of Antlanticas, he is an inspirational leader amongst his people, making deep speeches and practically connecting with his people. Anthonie, has a very strange spelling for the name "Anthony".


When this elf baby was born, he was completely hairless, and smaller than the usual boys, and girls. He was also early. Very early indeed. When Anthonie, was 3, he learned his first word - Talk -. His parents were amazed as "Talk" was and always will be a difficult first word. But, who knew this elf, would be the greatest mind, and public speaker in the world! This magnificent feat, was soon discovered when he was 9, at assembly in a very remote and private school. Here, he said a whole speech with; Excelent eye contact, we knew what he was saying. Also, stood straight, spoke fluently and of course influenced the whole school of this speech. 

Later, when he was 18. We got a university certificate of knowledge. This meant he could do teaching and other "social" jobs like that. Then finally, when he was 29, he got the job for the President. He was excelent at this, making public speeches, moving people and of course, raising much needed opinions. He was soon regonized for the colorful personaliy, he used to always listen to the town folk.

He still does, but since they're loads of new villiagers in Atlanticas, he can't simply listen to all at once, and he certainly doesn't have enough time, to listen to some potinentally crazy comments that were spread. When this yound man was 25, he aimed for full control of Atlanticas.